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Är du inte född på nytt? Då kommer du inte att få se Guds rike

Joh 3:3 Jesus svarade: “Jag säger dig sanningen: Den som inte blir född på nytt kan inte se Guds rike.”

Nödvändigheten av att vara född på nytt.

Let me cut right to the chase here on this post regarding the great necessity for the new birth in the life of every living person on planet earth. I am writing today to tell you that YOU must be born again if YOU want to enter Heaven one day! You may not be the “religious” type or you may not even be interested in these things, but that does not matter at all, because YOU still must be born again if you want to enter Heaven one day! You can attend church for decades and still end up in Hell! Deep inside your heart you know that something is wrong, and that you are not right with God, even though you are not a mass murderer, or a hardened criminal!

/Soul Refuge