Evangelium, Under och mirakel/ Överlevare. 50 dygn


Överlevare!    Gud har omsorg.

Två pojkar och en flicka har överlevt på havet utanför Nya Zeelands kust i 50 dygn sedan de försvann i oktober. De hittades levande mer än 1300 miles från platsen de försvann. De hade ätit en mås som landat på båten och fisk de fiskat upp. Fiskebåten som hittade dem viftande och ropande brukade normalt inte gå i vattnet där flickan och pojkarna drev på havet.

I kommentarerna under prisar människor Gud för detta under!
Prisa Gud för att han tagit hand om dessa tre tonåringar!

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Thanks God those kids are alive ! Let us hope that they do not do that again. I feel happy for their families and for them.

Jay 7
God is great-Praise Christ our Lord, the Father of Lights from which every good gift comes. I can’t wait to hear their story!
Felicitas Corcoran

I don’t care what went wrong — I’m interested in what went Right! These boys obviously knew what to do as they managed to survive. Good for them and wish I could shake their hands. What a happy day for their families!. Luella, It’s easier now than you think to get a job. Many employers go online now to list good paying jobs so you don’t have to waste gas and money driving around. You can see all the available jobs in your city and what they pay.

With God all things are possible !! Mark10:23

Brad 7 minutes ago

Now that article proves beyond a reasonable, no beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is alive and well producing miracles daily.

So if some god got them out of this mess, did some devil get them into this mess?

 The best Thanksgiving any family could ever ask for. What stories the kids will have to tell. Maybe a movie.

Welcome home, boys.

These are three tough kids. Eating fish and a seagull, raw no doubt, and drinking rainwater for 50 days and surviving is one helluva accomplishment. Any of you Yahoo posters think you could handle it? I wouldn’t even try to.

/En underbar berättelse/tacksägelse, och jag tror att Gud gjorde under här. /Maria

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