Tjäna Gud, ingen annan. Wake up!

KYRKOLÖGNEN som SÅ många lever i! VAKNA: No Church

Du kan inte tjäna två herrar…. /Man tjänar hellre världen.
Matt 6:24Ingen kan tjäna två herrar; ty antingen kommer han då att hata den ene och älska den andre, eller kommer han att hålla sig till den förre och förakta den senare. I kunnen icke tjäna både Gud och Mamon.

The spirit of church is AGAINST the Spirit of GOD We cannot serve 2 masters; we cannot serve the spirit of church and the SPIRIT OF GOD. Either you serve the LORD and you FEAR HIM, and you seek to please Him or you chase after MEN and their desire for your life and pleasing them. God will not reside with multiple other gods inside of your heart. You have to choose who you will serve. The problem today is Christians are bowing down before religion, and because their parents, their friends, their siblings, their grandparents, and all people around them say they have to go to “church”, they have to pay their “tithe”, they have to keep up their church attendance and get into bible study and submit to the “elders”… they stop listening to GOD and they start appeasing men. They think that God will let them into His kingdom because they were pleasing to men. They twist the scriptures, and they, “Well, God said to love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself, and if you are not paying tithe to a church then you are not loving your neighbor as yourself…” But what they reject is HOLINESS, they reject the words of JESUS CHRIST, and they set up THEIR OWN god, dead religion, and their bible. At the end of the day, Jesus Christ is either going to say to us, “Enter into My Kingdom…” or He is going to say, “Away from Me, you who commit iniquity, I don’t know you…” And any brothers and sisters who thought they were going to be saved, He is going to TURN AWAY because they feared MEN, they feared churches, they sought after things of the world, they played religion and they thought that because they were right before men that God would let them into HIS Kingdom. It’s pretty easy for a worldly person to be “good” in the eyes of men. You just have to uphold the worldly standards. As long as you are getting along in your work place, looking good on the OUTSIDE, then people think you have it all together. Jesus sees your HEART, and unless you start fearing HIM and start doing as HE commands then you aren’t going to enter into HIS Kingdom, He will say, “Away from Me, you who SIN I DON’T KNOW YOU…” You can fool others, you can fool others by going to church, by reading your bible, acting like you know everything, but you are never going to fool GOD. He sees your heart, He sees the intentions of your mind, and at the end of the day, He is NOT going to let you into His Kingdom if you are serving 2 masters. Do you fear MEN? Are you seeking to please MEN? Or are you really putting Jesus Christ FIRST in your life? Are you seeking to please the LORD your GOD with ALL your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength?

ÄR Bibeln Guds ord? JA men alla förstår inte att kunna förstå Guds ord, i denna video får du reda på vad den helige Ande vill visa men människor kan inte förstå.

The Bible is NOT the WORD OF GOD: Here is Why If it were true that the bible itself were the Word of God, then all of those Christians that believe in the bible, that consider themselves the “People of the Book”, that call the bible the “infallible Word of God”, guess what? If that were true, THEN THEY WOULD BE HEARING FROM THE WORD OF GOD! They’d be hearing the words of LIFE. But as it stands right now, there are MANY Christians who KNOW the bible forward and backwards, they know the scriptures. They call it their “Word of God” but they have NEVER heard FROM JESUS CHRIST. WHAT HYPOCRISY! You can read the bible all day long, you can pray over those scriptures AND YOU CAN NEVER HEAR FROM JESUS CHRIST. How DO you hear from Jesus Christ? Is it just by “praying” just by reading the bible? MANY religions pray. MANY religions have “holy” scriptures, but the NEVER hear from Jesus Christ (THE LIVING GOD). They may pursue the truth, or what they THINK is the truth for many years and NOT find it. Pastors go to seminary, many gurus (spiritual teachers) become Swami’s (Going to great lengths to find spiritual truth under a religious monastic order) and they join these cults that supposedly seek after the truth, and for years, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years… AND THEY DON’T FIND THE TRUTH. They are every seeking, ever looking and NEVER coming to the knowledge of it. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? They are praying. They are reading their scriptures. But they are NEVER having the WORDS OF LIFE. They are NEVER hearing a WORD FROM GOD! How is it that they call the bible the Word of God, but NEVER HAVE A WORD FROM GOD? That is because THEY NEVER RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT. What does it mean to receive the Holy Spirit? Does that mean that we just pray more, (as religiously, repetitiously) that we read the bible more (as in seminary) that we do more things that we think are good and spiritual. (Ex. Fasting, religious rites, rituals, self-denial etc.) What does that mean to receive the Holy Spirit? And after all, how can anyone know who has the Holy Spirit and who doesn’t if YOU CAN’T SEE A SPIRIT? If it’s spiritually discerned, who knows who has the Holy Spirit and who doesn’t? If these things confuse you, I encourage you to just to REALLY PRAY TO JESUS CHRIST, and just ask Him to receive His Spirit because until you receive His Holy Spirit FOR REAL you will have NO UNDERSTANDING. You won’t have the truth, you can read the bible all day long, you can call it the “Word of God” or “the holy scriptures”, call it whatever you want, but you won’t have the WORDS OF LIFE, you will NOT have a WORD OF GOD, unless you really REPENT of your sins and RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT. Without holiness and without righteousness YOU WILL NOT SEE GOD. You aren’t going to hear God, you aren’t going to have a “spiritual eye” you are not going to have ANY part of His Kingdom. Don’t listen to hypocritical Christians or any other people who are religious who think they can see spiritual things without being HOLY and RIGHTEOUS, without receiving the HOLY SPIRIT. Jesus Himself is the WORD OF GOD, HE HAS THE WORDS OF LIFE! Do you know Jesus Christ for real? Or are you just calling your bible, your little “w” “word of God”, have you made your bible into an idol, the same way that the Indian people have made their scriptures and their gurus into FALSE gods. It’s not any different. Christians and Christianity upholding their bible as a god is no different than Hindu’s or Buddhists upholding their scriptures and their FALSE gods. DON’T YOU SEE IT? You need to be having the words of LIFE. Do you really have Jesus Christ? Or do you just have the dead scriptures?

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