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VAD sker i kyrkorna idag? när det gäller t ex bibelsanningar, musik, m m…. LYSSNA på Denna Video!

The Occult in Christian Music  1-8

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A fascinating study by pastor Mike Hoggard that reveals Satan’s plan of destruction from within our churches with amazing footage of occult symbols in contemporary Christian videos.
Did you know that much Contemporary and Rock music being played right now in Christian Churches are heavily laced with Luciferian occultism? Pastor Hoggard will literally blow your minds as he reveals how churches are regularly being inundated with occult values, doctrines, and symbols, without anyone ever understanding!

Hoggard lays a Biblical foundation for the kind of music which is proper for worship. He illustrates how much of today’s CCM comes from Rock and Voodoo and shows symbols used in CCM videos that are occult.

Pastor also shows the sensual worldly nature of this music and why it is not worthy to be played in the House of God!

This warning is BADLY NEEDED during this time of unbelievable End Times apostasy threatening to engulf the Christian Church — you and your family are being affected if you are attending churches playing this kind of music.

A MUST SEE video for every Christian, but especially Pastors and Deacons. The contemporary music so beloved by young people in your church may be straight out of the Abyss!

http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=1919  Mike Hoggard

Och Se fortsättningen på videorna här 2-8:



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