Pope Francis Shows His True Colors /Video B Beacon

Pope Francis Shows His True Colors



Pope Francis’s performances and writings give a picture of a man that is two-faced. Thus, Cardinal Bergoglio, once elected, chose the name Pope Francis in honor of St Francis of Assisi. St Francis was known to be a softhearted lover of nature. Accordingly, Pope Francis cleverly implied that he would be similarly unassuming, kind, and harmless. On the other hand, from his first speech and his subsequent presentations, he has shown himself as a totalitarian dictator. Thus, as the media and many ecumenical Evangelicals fawn over Pope Francis, it is necessary to biblically analyze his speeches and performances. The mind-boggling conclusions are documented in our video. We request that you forward its URL to your family and friends. Thank you./


Berean Beacon talks about the Pope Francis, did you see what the Pope say: “To protect Jesus with Mary….” WHAT?  Jesus IS King of Kings and do not need to be protected!! And hear about the road to ecumenism! Ecumenical dialogue!


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/Jag har inga ord för dessa uttalanden som kommer från påven…../


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