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EASTER – The Pagan Roots

Easter/Ishtar: Paganism Repackaged

04/08/07–In this teaching we will be focusing on the history of Easter, exploring its disturbing undeniable Pagan roots.Of further note we will prove how the date of Easter is always determined by (the Biblically forbidden practice of) Astrology and how its date changes every year as a result. If this were the true date of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, HOW COULD IT CHANGE?We will also be looking at Easters close ties to Pagan goddess known as Ishtar and the specific associations and practices of Easter like: The Easter Bunny, Colored Eggs, Lent, Ash Wednesday, Hot Cross Buns, Spring Break, The Easter Ham, Wicker Easter Baskets, Easter Sunrise Service, Mardi Gras, etc. . . .Acts 12:4; and how this is one more proof of the superiority of the Authorized King James Version.Fundera över vad påsken är och betyder…. /Maria/    JESUS LEVER

To be objective I have endeavored to garner input from not only Christian sources but also Catholic and Pagan sources as well; and as you will see all three sides are in agreement as to Easter’s Pagan origin and history.

We will explore exactly when the holiday of Easter was incorporated into the Roman Catholic Church at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD; whereby this practice then started to permeate and leaven many other branches of Christianity.

Lastly we will explore why only the King James Version translates the Greek word “pascha” to “Easter” (instead of “Passover”) in

Source: http://www.contendingfortruth.com/?p=964


Nästa inlägg: Globala byn 3 (världen) och dagens  EARTH DAY . Välkommen

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