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Giants. Varelser från…Video, del 2 Mike Hoggard.

The Bible

Mike Hoggard – Giants Part 2


Varelser från andevärlden, jättarna:

Mike continues where he left off last week in Part 1, Mike now continues to show us right out of the KJV Bible about the Giants and how we are seeing in South America and in the Pacific Islands where these Giants were and where you can read and exact description of what these other people said they were seeing. And that what they witnessed is also linked to religions in China, Egypt, Canaan, and in other parts of this world.

So, come and listen, learn, and enjoy.

/Del 2 om jättarna, Mike H berättar ur King James Bibel hur man såg jättarna i Sydamerika och hur man vittnar om dem, de fanns alltså! ….Se videon.